IP67 Stainless Steel Terminal Boxes

Stainless Steel IP66-IP67 Terminal Boxes

The IP Enclosures SST Range of grade 316 stainless steel terminal boxes are designed for use even in the most demanding industrial environments.

Protection: Complies with IP66, IP67, NEMA 4x

Standard: UL508A Certified (On request also Atex)

Feature and Specifications


– Body: 1.0mm. Grade 316 stainless steel
– Door: 1.0mm. Grade 316 stainless steel
– Seal: Silicone


The robust body is fabricated using 1.0mm Grade
316 Stainless Steel and incorporates a high-quality Silicone seal.


The robust pre-drilled lid/door is fabricated using 1.00mm. Grade 316 Stainless Steel and is fastened using screws.


A high quality Silicone seal.

Internal Plate:

The inner plate is fabricated using 2.5mm sheet steel, supplied pre-fitted into the terminal box as

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Part NumberEnclosure Size (mm)DownloadDownloadDownload
SKUH x W x DDatasheetDrawing PDFDrawing .dwg
IP-SST09090990 x 90 x 90PDFPDF.dwg
IP-SST140909140 x 90 x 90PDFPDF.dwg
IP-SST200909200 x 90 x 90PDFPDF.dwg
IP-SST280909280 x 90 x 90PDFPDF.dwg
IP-SST101010100 x 100 x 100PDFPDF.dwg
IP-SST161010160 x 100 x 100PDFPDF.dwg
IP-SST161610160 x 160 x 100PDFPDF.dwg
IP-SST251610250 x 160 x 100PDFPDF.dwg
IP-SST202010200 x 200 x 100PDFPDF.dwg
IP-SST402012400 x 200 x 120PDFPDF.dwg
IP-SST403012400 x 300 x 120PDFPDF.dwg
IP-SST404012400 x 400 x 120PDFPDF.dwg