IP67 Stainless Steel Terminal Boxes

Stainless Steel IP67 Terminal Boxes

The IP Enclosures SSTB Range of grade 304 stainless steel terminal boxes are designed for use even in the most demanding industrial environments.

Protection: Complies with IP66, IP67, NEMA 4x

Standard: UL508A Certified (On request also Atex)

Feature and Specifications


– Body: 1.0mm. Grade 304 stainless steel
– Door: 1.0mm. Grade 304 stainless steel
– Seal: Silicone


The robust body is fabricated using 1.0mm Grade
304 Stainless Steel and incorporates a high-quality Silicone seal.


The robust pre-drilled lid/door is fabricated using 1.00mm. Grade 304 Stainless Steel and is fastened using screws.


A high quality Silicone seal.

Internal Plate:

The inner plate is fabricated using 2.5mm sheet steel, supplied pre-fitted into the terminal box as

Part NumberEnclosure Size (mm) DownloadDownload
SKUH x W x DData SheetsDrawings.dwg
IP-304-T09090990 x 90 x 90PDFPDF.dwg
IP-304-T140909140 x 90 x 90PDFPDF.dwg
IP-304-T200909200 x 90 x 90PDFPDF.dwg
IP-304-T280909280 x 90 x 90PDFPDF.dwg
IP-304-T101010100 x 100 x 100PDFPDF.dwg
IP-304-161010160 x 100 x 100PDFPDF.dwg
IP-304-T161610160 x 160 x 100PDFPDF.dwg
IP-304-T251610250 x 160 x 100PDFPDF.dwg
IP-304-T202010200 x 200 x 100PDFPDF.dwg
IP-304-T402012400 x 200 x 120PDFPDF.dwg
IP-304-T403012400 x 300 x 120PDFPDF.dwg
IP-304-T404012400 x 400 x 120PDFPDF.dwg

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Stainless Steel IP67 Terminal Box