Stainless Steel Data Racks

IP66 Stainless Steel 19″ Data Racks – Floor Mounted

IP66 stainless steel data racks are designed for extreme duty to house sensitive data network equipment in harsh environments. They are suitable for internal and external installations. All IP Enclosures are built to precision in Europe to ensure consistent high quality standards.

Stainless Steel 19″ Data Racks – 12RU to 42RU

Features & Specifications:

Protection: IP66 IK10

Standards (& Conformities): IEC/EN 60529, IEC/EN 62208, EIA-310-D, RoHS, CE, UKCA

Rack Unit Sizes:

– 12RU, 16RU, 24RU, 32RU, 42RU


– Enclosure Body: 1.5mm Grade 316/316L Stainless Steel
– Enclosure Door: 1.5mm Grade 316/316L Stainless Steel
– 19” Data Rack Rails: 1.5mm galvanised steel sheet
– Enclosure Seal: Polyurethane

Surface Finish:

0.4 micron Ra surface brushed finish


The robust monoblock body is fabricated using 1.5mm Grade 316/316L Stainless Steel. Cutting, pressing and full continuous seam welding using precision automated manufacturing equipment to ensure accuracy and consistent high quality. Flat face sealing surfaces are provided to increase seal life. A stainless steel gland plate is also incorporated into the bottom face.


The robust surface mounted door is fabricated using 1.5mm Grade 316/316L Stainless Steel and incorporates concealed removable hinges with captive pins. The door is designed for a 110° opening. Each door contains integral cable management rail studs, M6 earth stud and a high quality machine-applied foamed in place (FIP) Polyurethane seal. Two internal cable management rails can be removed to provide additional space for equipment, duct and door mounted control components.

19″ Data Rack Rails:

Front and rear 19″ data rack rails are fabricated from 1.5mm galvanised steel sheet.


A high quality machine-applied continuous foamed in place (FIP) Polyurethane seal provides excellent sealing over a long life.


3 point locking system with key-lock swing handle. A full range of locking solutions are available upon request.

Gland Plate:

Gland plates are incorporated into the bottom face of the enclosure for cable management. They are provided with gaskets and fasteners. The size and quantity vary according to enclosure size.


A full range of data rack enclosure accessories are available. Refer to accessories menu or contact our team for assistance.


IEC 60529 Degrees of protection provided by enclosures: Certificate AB-0386-T 2311.14.01/00
IEC/EN 62208 Empty Enclosures for low-voltage switchgear and controlgear assemblies: Certificate
CE Certificate of Compliance: Certificate SZL-21 MA 13338-1
UKCA Certificate of Compliance: Certificate SZU-22MA19560-1

Products are manufactured to Quality, Safety and Environmental standards.

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Stainless Steel Data Rack
Stainless Steel Data Rack Detail

Stainless Steel Data Rack Sizes

Part NumberSizeNo. of U (RU)Enclosure Size (mm)Data SheetDrawingDrawing
IP-SSD60604019"12RU600 x 600 x 400PDFPDFDWG
IP-SSD80604019"16RU850 x 600 x 400PDFPDFDWG
IP-SSD80606019"16RU850 x 600 x 600PDFPDFDWG
IP-SSD80608019"16RU850 x 600 x 800PDFPDFDWG
IP-SSD120604019"24RU1200 x 600 x 400PDFPDFDWG
IP-SSD120606019"24RU1200 x 600 x 600PDFPDFDWG
IP-SSD120608019"24RU1200 x 600 x 800PDFPDFDWG
IP-SSD160606019"32RU1600 x 600 x 600PDFPDFDWG
IP-SSD160608019"32RU1600 x 600 x 800PDFPDFDWG
IP-SSD200606019"42RU2000 x 600 x 600PDFPDFDWG
IP-SSD200608019"42RU2000 x 600 x 800PDFPDFDWG