IP Ratings For Enclosures

IEC/EN/AS 60529-2004 – Degrees of protection by enclosures (IP Code)

What are IP ratings?

Electrical enclosures protect components from the environment while protecting people from electrical shock. The level of protection is defined by IP Ratings. IP Ratings for electrical enclosures are described in IEC/EN/AS 60529. IP ratings identify the level of protection provided by electrical enclosures. Specifically, the protection of people from hazardous parts inside enclosures and the protection of contents from ingress of solids and water. Understanding IP Ratings helps to select electrical enclosures.

What is the difference between IP ratings and NEMA ratings?

NEMA is a trademark of the National Electrical Manufacturers Association. It is primarily a US standard. It is not possible to compare an IP rating exactly to a NEMA designation. An IP rating considers protection against ingress of solids and water. In contrast, NEMA designation considers these but also considers corrosion and construction. IP Enclosures comply with both IEC IP ratings and NEMA standards.

IP Ratings

IP Code – International Protection

First Characteristic Numeral (IP-_X)

Degrees of protection against access to hazardous parts and against solid foreign objects

1 – Protection against solid objects > 50 mm

2 – Protection against solid objects > 12 mm

3 – Protection against solid objects > 2.5 mm

4 – Protection against solid objects > 1 mm

5 – Protection against dust (limited ingress allowed, no harmful deposit)

6 – Fully protected from dust (dust tight)

Second Characteristic Numeral (IP-X_)

Degrees of protection against ingress of water

1 – Protection from vertically dripping water

2 – Protection from sprays/dripping of water up to 15° from vertical

3 – Protection from spraying water up to 60° from vertical

4 – Protection from spraying water (all directions)

5 – Protection from low pressure jets of water (all directions)

6 – Protection against powerful jets of water

7 – Protection from temporary immersion

8 – Protection from continuous immersion

9, 9K – Protection from high pressure and temperature water jet

For a copy of AS60529-2004, Degrees of Protection provided by enclosures (IP Code), refer to SAI Global.