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IP69K Hygienic Electrical Enclosures, IP69K Pushbutton Enclosures & IP69K Terminal Boxes

The ultimate protection for housing electrical components within applications of food and beverage, pharmaceutical and similar industries with stringent hygienic requirements. The IP69K product line offers the highest levels of weatherproof ratings against water jets, high temperatures, chemicals, and dirt and debris buildup for quick cleaning and maintenance runs. The product line has been engineered with ultra-smooth 304 stainless-steel hinges and surfaces, chemical-resistant finishes and contoured angles that promote liquid run-off, minimising the impact of dirt and deposit build-up. They also feature a highly visible, blue silicone seal approved to FDA application standards.

The Hygienic Electrical Enclosures (H) series offers both standalone mounted enclosures with an extra spacer bracket and adjustable plinth mounts for elevated clearance, all certified to EHEDG for adherence to the utmost hygienic design standards.

Key benefits:

  • Designed for food, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries with stringent hygiene standards.
  • IP69K rating ensures ultimate protection against water, high temperatures, chemicals, and debris.
  • Features ultra-smooth 304 stainless steel, chemical-resistant finishes, and contoured angles for easy liquid run-off.
  • Includes highly visible, blue silicone seals compliant with FDA standards for hygiene.
  • Available as standalone or adjustable plinth mounts, certified to EHEDG for top-tier hygienic design (excludes HTB and HPB line only)
  • Compliant with IEC62208 and IEC/EN/AS60529 standards, up to IP69K IK10 NEMA 4x protection level

IP Enclosures – H Line

IP Enclosures’ extensive range of wall-mounted, mounted and floor-standing electrical enclosures, terminal boxes and pushbutton enclosures includes the Electrical Enclosure ‘H’ and Pushbutton Enclosure (HPB and Terminal Boxes (HTB) line – offering the highest level of protection for housing electrical components and switchgear equipment inside of enclosures.

Hygienic Electrical Enclosures

H range of IP69K Electrical Enclosures.

IP66 IK07, IP69K.

Terminal Boxes

HTB range of IP69K Hygienic Terminal Boxes

IP66 IK08, IP69K

Pushbutton Enclosures

HPB range of IP69K Pushbutton Enclosures

IP66 IK08, IP69K

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