Custom Electrical Cabinets

Custom Enclosures, Cabinets and Racks

IP Enclosures provide custom electrical enclosures. We design and manufacture to meet your unique needs. No matter how small, large or complex your requirements, we can work with you to provide exactly what you need. We can provide one-off prototypes and we can provide a unique product identifier so this can be made standard for high volume repeat orders. Talk to one of our representatives to see how we can help you standardise your custom enclosures today.

Custom Enclosures Now a Viable Alternative

Do you buy electrical enclosures and then modify them by drilling, cutting holes or adding accessories? This could be costly. Save time, money and risk by ordering custom enclosures and device mounting plates with holes already drilled and cut with accessories fitted. IP Enclosures provides a real viable alternative for customers who require non-standard ‘custom’ enclosures. IP Enclosures supply custom IP rated enclosures ready for use to enable customers to reduce cost and deliver projects on time.

Your Next Step

Contact our customer support team and tell us what you need. One of our support team will work with you to determine the best and most economical solution to suit your budget.

The Design Process

IP Enclosures can provide 2D drawings for approval and access to a 3D Model to refine the design so you can aim for your own custom electrical enclosure excellence.

Custom Manufacturing

Custom enclosures can be manufactured as once-off prototypes or for large scale production runs.

Materials and Surface Treatment

One of the benefits is that all modifications are incorporated into the enclosure during manufacturing prior to surface treatment. This ensures that the integrity of the enclosure is not compromised to provide protection in the toughest conditions well into the future.

Custom Enclosure Options

IP Enclosures provides custom enclosures, cabinets and racks fitted with a complete range of accessories and fittings including:

IP Enclosures - Custom Electrical Enclosure
Custom Telecommunications Cabinet
Custom Electrical Enclosure

Specialist Electrical Enclosure Brand

We are a specialist electrical enclosure brand that specialises in electrical enclosures. You can be confident that your custom enclosure conforms to IEC62208 and AS60529. We provide custom enclosures up to IP66, Nema 4, Nema 4x. This includes IP55, IP56, IP65 and IP66 rated enclosures. IP Enclosures are certified by an independent accredited test laboratory.

Custom Enclosures in 3D

We want to provide our customers with the best experience designing custom enclosures. That is why we provide customers with access to view their enclosure in 3D. Now customers can explore deep inside their custom enclosure during the design stage. This enables customers to refine the design and add features before commencing manufacture.

Ensure your next project is using an IP Enclosure

IP Enclosures provide custom enclosures conforming and certified to IEC 62208 ‘Empty enclosures for low voltage switchgear and controlgear assemblies’.