Heat Exchangers for Electrical Enclosures

Heat Exchangers for Electrical Cabinets

IP Enclosures heat exchangers are designed for the cooling needs of electrical cabinets. By utilising the heat exchange between two separate air flows through an aluminium pack, air/air heat exchangers allow heat to be dissipated inside electrical enclosures. Heat Exchangers are recommended if ambient temperature is lower than the inside temperature, if a low cooling capacity is required, if ambient air is excessively oily or dusty, or if the outside air and humidity cannot enter the cabinet. Heat exchangers use a closed-loop system that exchanges heat inside the enclosure with ambient air to maintain a set internal temperature, providing a contaminant-free environment to protect electrical equipment and components from overheating. As it is a closed-loop system, no ambient air enters the enclosure therefore it is ideal for dirty and dusty environments. Warm enclosure internal air is aspirated by a fan and forced through a heat exchanger. The cooler ambient air is also forced through this heat exchanger, in two separate closed air circuits. The cooler air flow from the ambient air flow cools the heat exchanger and dissipates the heat loss absorbed by the heat exchanger to the environment. The internal air is cooled in the heat exchanger and fed into the enclosure. IP Enclosures Heat Exchangers can be fitted either on the inside or outside of the electrical enclosure. Heat exchangers can be integrated with a mechanical thermostat to control the external fan. When the set point is reached, the fan is switched off, obtaining advantages in terms of efficiency (lower power consumption) and noise (no operation).

Features & Specifications

  • Installation: internal/external
  • Materials: Heat exchanger core is aluminium
  • Cooling capacity: 16-85 W/K
  • Power supply: 230V
  • Protection degree: IP54 or IP55

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Specific Heat TransmissionW/K16355080
Power SupplyV / Ph / Hz230/1/50-60
Current ConsumptionA0.46/0.580.46/0.580.46/0.580.72/0.96
Absorbed Fan PowerW/K64100/130100/130160/200
Side Cabinet Fan Flow (Free Blowing)m3/hr136575575860
Internal Operating Temp°C-5 / +55
Ambient Temperature Limit°C-5 / +55
Internal Circuit Protection DegreeIPIP54IP55IP55IP55
Noise LeveldB (A)58767676
InstallationInternal / External
Dimensions (H x W x D)mm410x204x109780x254x90780x312x901250x311x108