Infrastructure Solutions

Plinth Mount Field Cabinets, Pole Mounted Field Cabinets and Accessories


The Ultimate Protection from the Elements:

IP Enclosures Infrastructure Field cabinet solutions provide up to IP66 protection from the elements. The Infrastructure Field Cabinets solutions feature plinth mounted Field Cabinets and Pole-mounted Field Enclosures, as well as integrated Air-conditioned Field Cabinets and Thermal Management Accessories for custom requirements. Field Electrical Cabinets are also available for general infrastructure and electrical requirements.

Versatile for Demanding Environments:

Discover an extensive selection of materials, from exceptionally corrosion-resistant, powder-coated galvanized steel to marine-grade aluminium, to perfectly align with your project’s needs. IP Enclosures offers the advantage of consulting with technical specialists ready to support you with advanced configurations, finishes, approvals, and beyond, guaranteeing a customised solution. Choose IP Enclosures for unmatched quality that meets the varied demands of your projects with precision.

Key benefits:

  • Ultimate protection and performance in dynamic environments with ventilated IP55 and non-ventilated IP66 options.
  • Ventilated plinth-mounted airconditioned cabinets for enhanced cooling in demanding settings.
  • Fully compatible with an extensive range of IP enclosure Infrastructure accessories and ventilation solutions.
  • Wide material selection including corrosion-resistant powder-coated galvanized steel, stainless steel and marine-grade aluminium.
  • Compliant with IEC62208 and IEC/EN/AS60529 standards, up to IP66 IK10 NEMA 4 and 4x protection levels

Field Enclosure

Pole Mounted

IP66 Non-ventilated IP55 Ventilated

Field Cabinets

Plinth Mounted

IP66 Non-ventilated IP55 Ventilated

Aluminium Field Enclosure

Pole Mounted | Light-weight

IP66 Non-ventilated IP55 Ventilated

Aluminium Field Cabinets

Plinth Mounted | Light-weight

IP66 Non-ventilated IP55 Ventilated

Airconditioned Field Cabinets

IP55 Ventilated | Single & Double Bay

Accessories for Infrastructure

For Custom Project Requirements

IP66 Weatherproof - Field Electrical Enclosures

Designed for New Zealand’s General Industrial Applications

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