Distribution Board Kits

Distribution Board Kits

IP Enclosures Distribution Kits are designed to be easily fitted to IP Enclosures steel and stainless steel electrical enclosures without drilling. The separate internal chassis frame can be fitted with components and wired prior to assembly into the enclosure. The removable escutcheon plates provide protection to the full perimeter of the enclosure.

Chassis Material: Galv Sheet Steel

Escutcheon Plates: UL approved epoxy polyester powder coated with a textured finish. 80-120 micron average thickness. The standard electrical enclosure colour is RAL7035. A full range of other colour options are available upon request.

Slotted Din Rail Material: Electrogalvanised Steel 7.5 x 35 x 2m RoHS Compliant. High quality DIN Rail manufactured from electrogalvanized steel for increased corrosion resistance. Standard 35mm wide symmetrical TS35 DIN Rail compatible with EN50022 and DIN46277-3.
Plating: ALKALI ZINC Cr+3 TOP COAT (10-12 Microns).
Standards: DIN5022, DIN5033, EN60715. RoHS Compliant.
Dimensions: 7.5 mm deep x 35 mm wide x 2000mm long.
Colour: Silver.
Type: TS35 Slotted

(Includes distribution board kit only. Does not include electrical enclosure.)

IP Enclosures DB Kit
Part NumberPole, H x W (mm)
IP-DB1212 Pole to suit 300H x 400W Enclosure
IP-DB2424 Pole to suit 400H x 400W Enclosure
IP-DB3536 Pole to suit 600H x 400W Enclosure